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Jack & Jill Children’s Salon is proud to be a participating salon of Wigs for Kids.   


Wigs for Kids is a non-profit that helps children suffering from hair loss by creating wigs for children. We run hair donation programs to create children's wigs for kids in need. We are the first and oldest organization of this kind and have a lot of experience creating custom Hair Replacement Systems that are made from real hair and look just like a child’s hair would naturally. Unlike other hair donation programs in this field, we never charge the family for hair pieces and rely completely on donations from generous companies, foundations, groups and individuals like you.

When a child loses their hair, they don't just suffer physically. They experience a great emotional pain from the extreme change in their appearance. Losing their hair can significantly harm their self-image and self-esteem. Creating these wigs for children is more than just a quick fix. Hair replacement systems from Wigs for Kids are custom made to perfectly fit the recipient and feel like real hair. They won’t come off when a child is swimming or playing sports. These hair pieces can be trusted to stay in place. Each one is hand-tied and made completely of the human hair that has been donated. The cost of one hair replacement system is $1,800, but we never charge the family in the need.

Please click on the Wigs for Kids Logo above for a link to see guidelines for acceptable donations and to print out Hair Donation Form.