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How much do you think you know about your hair?  

Here’s a little Hair Trivia to test your knowledge.  Have fun!

1. What is the average number of hairs on the human head?

     A. 1 million

     B. 500,000

     C. 250,000

     D. 100,000

2. True or False:  It is normal to lose 100 hairs per day.

3. How much does your hair grow in a year?

     A. 12 cm

     B. 5 cm

     C. 12 in

     D. 18 in

4. When does your hair grow faster?

     A. In humidity

     B. In warm weather

     C. After it’s cut

     D. In cold weather

5. True or False: Hair is the fastest growing tissue on the     human body.

6. True or False: Girls hair grows faster than boys.

7. How much weight can one strand of hair hold?

     A. 10 grams

     B. 1 gram

     C. 100 grams

     D. 25 grams

8. How long does your hair have to be to donate to     Locks of Love?

     A. 12 inches

     B. 10 inches

     C. 5 inches

     D. 15 inches

9. True or False: You can repair split ends on your hair?

10. Which of the following has more hair follicles?

     A. A horse

     B. A human

     C. A mouse

     D. All have the same amount

Answer Key:
1. D																6. False
2. True											7. C
3. A																8. B
4. B																9. False (you have to cut it)
5. True							 		10. D